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The Flat Roofing Manchester team are experts in the installation, repair and maintenance of flat roofing. On average, each of our experts has over 10 years of experience, building a wealth of knowledge about this industry and each of them operates in an open and honest way, always working in the best interests of our customers. Our reputation has been built by putting customer service at the forefront of our minds and this is shown by the fact that we offer all customers a free, no-obligation consultation. At each meeting, we will inspect the property, assess the situation and provide advice based on that assessed, backed up by photographic evidence and Q&A sessions with our customers. We want all customers to be in a position to make an educated and informed choice about their flat roofing needs.

Should you choose a flat roof?

There are many reasons why a flat roof may be the best solution for your property. It could be that it has been designed to incorporate this feature, planning requirements demand it or simply budget constraints mean it is the most suitable option. What we do believe is important to note, is that flat roofing will commonly require a higher level of protection and effective maintenance, compared with other options, such as slate. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose this option because ultimately, every roof requires care and attention and if you stick to good practice when building and maintaining properties, then any issues can be minimised.

The main concern that the team at Flat Roofing Manchester mention, when discussing flat roofing with customers is water collecting and not draining away. This can result in the roof sagging and leaks appearing in the property. If left to build up, then these faults can spiral into far more serious and expensive problems.

Common problems

As mentioned above, flat roofing is prone to a variety of problems that people should understand, prior to making any decision. Once more, effective design, construction and maintenance can minimise and mitigate any problems.

Pooling: Highlighted already on this page, pooling of water is the main problem, due to the fact that the roof is flat and not naturally sloped. This pooling of water for any length of time can cause damage. If the roof isn’t 100% non-porous, then it will find a way to permeate into the materials below.

Vegetation: There will be a natural collection of materials on any roof, including dust, branches and other debris. When this meets pools of water, then moss has the conditions needed to grow, rooting into the roof and causing damage. Furthermore, this damage will create avenues for the water to get into the property itself, causing internal damage.

Punctures: The constant theme throughout this list of problems is the ability of water to permeate into a property if given the slightest chance. Punctures are just one example of this problem, whether through damage caused, aerials being installed incorrectly or through nails being hammered into the roof itself and not effectively secured.

Water Damage (Internal): Each of us at some point in our lives, will have lived or worked in a property where damp and watermarks have developed. This is a clear signal that your roof has not stopped water from getting into the property itself and is now causing internal damage. You should never ignore these signs or paint over them, it is only delaying the inevitable. Contact our team at Flat Roofing Manchester and get your free, no-obligation consultation now!

Condensation: This is such a simple problem that may seem harmless in some ways and yet could also be a sign of problems with your flat roof. Fortunately, it can be prevented through choosing the correct type of flat roofing, having it installed by experts such as ours and repairs completed to the highest standards. Once more, it shows the importance of speaking to a company like Flat Roofing Manchester, as getting the job done correctly, may well save hassle and money in the future. Understanding the reasons for condensation, vapour control layers and insulation, means all of our solutions are built to last and to perform effectively.

Temperature damage: The vast majority of issues and potential pitfalls in choosing a flat roof, revolve around water. However, it is vital that you understand how temperature can affect the performance of a flat roof, both when changing from hot to cold or vice versa, but also extreme weather events. Drastic and frequent changes to temperature will cause the roof to expand and contract, due to the nature of the materials used. It is this process which can cause cracks to develop, if not maintained correctly. As an added problem, during extremely high temperatures, felt materials can bubble and then crack when temperatures cool down again. All of this leads to our friend water, finding its way into those cracks and the property below!

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We believe it is important to understand both the benefits and pitfalls of choosing flat roofing, so as to make an informed decision. Equally, should you already have a flat roof, then it is vital to understand how best to protect both the roof and your property. We have a reputation for providing honest, expert advice that is tailor-made to each customer. Get in touch today and take advantage of our free, no-obligation consultation service.
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